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Maui is a very romantic, tropical location for your Maui Beach Wedding. Wailea has some of the most beautiful beaches of all on Maui. I adore capturing the love, the emotion, the expressions between two people as they unite in marriage. It is such a special day filled with joy and laughter, as a photographer, to capture those snipets of time and memorialize them through photography is a passion that comes from my heart. Your consideration of me capturing your day is an honor, as a Maui Photographer I know there are many photographers to choose from. There are many different styles of beach wedding photography and varing prices. My prices are competitive, with packages starting from 1 hour beach weddings to full day beach wedding photography services. Captureing getting ready to ceremony to cake cutting and reception. My style is realistic, in that I do not use overlays or "artistic editing" . I attempt to capture the surroundings in which your ceremony takes place. To capture the memories that were made in such a beautiful tropical paradise as Maui. While I also capture candids and photojournalistic style shots my approach to capturing your beach wedding photography is to do it with proper lighting. I do not shoot in RAW format and there fore do not supply those type of digital images. I shoot in Jpeg which are print ready images. If the final image format is important to you make sure you ask the Maui Photographer you inquire with. Many Beach wedding happen daily on Maui, yet we can still find secluded locations for your special intimate beach wedding or vow renewal. I look forward to capturing that special romance between you two newlyweds. Photographing the wedding as it unfolds, capturing the tender moments, some with tears, along with the candid laughs and smiles as the two of you vow your lives to one another. I would be honored to be your Maui Photographer !

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