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maui photographers- senior pictures
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Senior Pictures

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Accommodates High School Seniors & Individuals

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Package includes : 1&1/2 hours with Maui photographer, 3 outfit changes and 2 locations(within 10 miles) hotel/condo grounds for lush tropical green and flowers, and beach, or rugged lava rock and tropical beach portraits, jungle with water falls and beach portraits, ask for recommendations! All images from your portrait photography session uploaded in a personal online gallery for viewing and sharing with family and friends. You choose your favorite images to be downloaded from your gallery. The images are in Hi resolution, with a print release to make your own prints. This session produces 125+ images.  Retouching is included in this price.

Basic $425-20 digital images downloaded + 20 -4x6 professional prints

Upgrades : add'l 15 images +15 prints $125 - add'l 30 images + 30 prints $225

*pruchase USB key for digital delivery $25 includes shipping

Package Prices are for a Kihei, Wailea, Makena location.

West side (Lahaina, Ka'anapali, Kapalua) and North shore (Paia, Kahului, Iao Valley) add $50 drive fee

High School Senior Portraits is an opportunity to show who you are, express yourself, and just enjoy having your senior pictures taken. If you are vacationing on Maui and you are a High School Senior this would be a unique time to have a Maui Photographer capture those one of a kind senior portraits for the yearbook. You will receive all of your senior portraits of choice by downloading through your personal onlne gallery, in Hi  Resolution. Use your senior pictures to be creative and make your own Announcements and invitations.  Giving you the ability to have the most unique Graduation announcements. We can also do the senior portrait card set up for you for a small fee. Thank you for considering me as your Maui photographer. I have a very competitive and reasonable price for my maui photography package services. I believe everyone should beable to have the oppurtunity to have unique senior portraits while visiting Maui. Because of the reasonable pricing it does not include touchups to the face, stray hairs, background objects. This is a very time consuming process, thus the higher prices of my competitors. In my years of photographing the visitors of Maui, this service is not alway necessary for every client. Therefore I choose to address this after the images for the package have been chosen. I give a reasonable price for retouching if the client so choses to have that service. For many visitors, a Maui family vacation is a once in a lifetime event. Having said that, the memories of such an event is the most desrving of capturing those memories. I look forward to capturing the unique young adult you are aspiring to be and being your Maui Photographer.









** Retouching is not always necessary, so I prefer to address it on a case by case basis. If all the images need retouching I give a discounted price for the entire series of images that you choose**

special editing, retouching services, image variations

Maui Photographer, post production services

 -is a flat rate of $10 per image includes hair, facial blemish and line softening as well as 1 image variation B&W, Sepia, Rustic, with or without vignetting.

Maui Photographer-Senior Picture Maui Photographers- Senior portraits maui photographers senior portrait packages
Senior portraits Pricing



After  you have chosen your senior picture photographers based on style of senior photography, investment, and other aspects that are important to you.  Now what does it take in preparing to look your best on senior portrait day?

* Haircuts - do this about 2 weeks prior to your senior photography session so it still looks fresh but not choppy.

* Suntanning - Everybody likes to be tan for their senior portraits, however even the tannest of people still have a red tinge to the skin. It is because it is actually burnt.  This is impossible to color correct in your senior picture images.  For best results stop your sun sessions 3 days before your senior portrait session so your skin absorbs the color you obtain from the sun. This will make it is easier for your maui photographers to edit your senior portrait images..

*Clothing- Choose 3 styles for your High school senior pictures. One that is casual, something formal, and something fun. Keep in mind that your senior photography session will probably be on the beach or at least say this is Maui Hawaii and it is warm! Neutral colors work best, black, white, brown, Khaki, and bluejeans.  These are easy colors to mix and match without being distracting to the viewers eye.  Patterns are not usually a good idea as it can draw the viewer to the clothing rather than the faces, the focus of the senior portrait. Having said that, these are your senior pictures, it is important that you wear clothing that you feel comfortable in and adding a touch of color is a great way to express yourself in your senior pictures. If you have lettered in your high school career this is a great addition to your high school senior pictures. Your Graduation cap and gown is also a nice outfit to wear for your senior photography session. If you have several choicees and can't decide bring them along as your Maui Photographer I can help you decide what will photograph the best for your senior picture.


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