Photographers Pre Shoot Tips and Advice

So you want to do Professional

Portraits while visiting Maui, but where do you start?  After  you have chosen your Maui photographer based on style of photographing, investment, and other aspects that are important to you.  Now, what does it take in preparing to look your best on portrait day? Below I have notated things that can help you in the preparation of looking your best for your Maui Beach Portraits.

* Haircuts - do this about 2 weeks prior to your photography session so it still looks fresh but not choppy. Keep in mind that your photography session will be outdoors, on the beach, where the wind blows, while you may not normally wear hair spray, consider spraying your hair for fly aways, and a quick fix if it is strong gusty winds, like barrette or hair clips.

* Suntanning - Everybody likes to be tan for their portraits, however even the tannest of people still have a red tinge to the skin because it is actually burnt.  This is impossible to color correct in your images.  For best results stop your sun sessions 3 days before your photography session so your skin absorbs the color you obtain from the sun.

*Clothing- Neutral colors work best, black, white, Khaki, and bluejeans.  These are easy colors to mix and match without being distracting to the viewers eye.  Patterns are not usually a good idea as it can draw the viewer to the clothing rather than the faces, the focus of the portrait. The Aloha attire can look nice if it is kept to a minimum, not everybody wearing the same exact outfit, again mix and match with some wearing solid neutrals and it works fine.  Khaki and white is the best choice as it photographs very clean, make sure your whites match, either white-white or creme white, everybody wears the same.  This makes it easy for large groups most everybody owns something khaki and something white without having to shop for outfits.   If you want to wear colors such as red make sure they are the SAME color red. When photographing you will be right next to each other if they don’t match it will look mismatched.

*Make Up- for your portrait session DO NOT apply sunscreen, liquid base make up, or moisturizers to the face. Use only matte powder for a base. Also no gloss lip stick, or shimmering eye makeup with glitter in it. Flash photography will turn those highlight areas and shimmering glitter to a nice white spot on your face. There is a charge for those type corrections.

Brides I can't express enough how important it is to choose the right photographer. If you don't like what you see when viewing a photographers site, keep looking, it is important you hire a photographer based on a style of photographing that you like. I can do color changes as black and white and sepia tone with or without vignetteing. I do not artistically edit your images, I artistically capture you and the surroundings in which you are exchanging your vows. You will notice I have blue skies generally and bright colorful sunsets, I do not make them the color they are I capture the color they are.. If you like my work I would be honored to capture your special day for you!